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IMA President's Apology Over Patanjali Case Remarks Published

IMA President's Apology Over Patanjali Case Remarks Published

In a significant development, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) President has issued a public apology for remarks made against the Supreme Court during the Patanjali case proceedings. The apology, sent to various media outlets and published on the IMA’s website and monthly journal, was highlighted in the recent Supreme Court hearing.

Background of the Case The case originated from IMA's complaint against Patanjali Ayurved for misleading medical advertisements that allegedly disparaged allopathic medicine. The Supreme Court had previously ordered Patanjali to cease such advertisements, but violations persisted, leading to contempt proceedings against Patanjali’s founders, Baba Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishna.

Court's Actions and Reactions During the April 2024 hearings, the court criticized the IMA for not addressing unethical practices among its members. This prompted an interview by IMA President Dr. RV Asokan, in which he reportedly criticized the court. Patanjali responded by seeking action against Dr. Asokan for contempt, resulting in a court notice to him.

Apology and Legal Proceedings Dr. Asokan’s initial apology was deemed unsatisfactory by the court. During the latest hearing, IMA's counsel presented evidence of the published apology, which appeared as a pop-up on the IMA website and was also sent to major media outlets like PTI and Economic Times. Despite this, the respondents were given time to review the affidavit before further proceedings.

Upcoming Developments The Supreme Court has scheduled the next hearing for August 6, giving respondents an opportunity to file a reply affidavit. The case underscores the ongoing tension between the judiciary and influential health organizations, and highlights the court's efforts to ensure compliance with its directives.

Conclusion The apology by the IMA President represents an important step in addressing the contempt proceedings. The upcoming court session will determine the adequacy of this apology and its impact on the case against Patanjali Ayurved. The case continues to be a pivotal moment in the ongoing struggle to regulate medical advertisements and uphold judicial integrity.

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