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KHCAA Writes to Kerala High Court Acting CJ Over Lawyers' Car Tires Punctured and Parking Woes


KHCAA Writes to Kerala High Court Acting CJ Over Lawyers' Car Tires Punctured and Parking Woes


The Kerala High Court Advocates' Association (KHCAA) recently reached out to the Acting Chief Justice of the Kerala High Court regarding escalating concerns over parking issues faced by lawyers. This letter brings to light the growing discontent among the legal fraternity due to the inadequate parking facilities at the court premises, exacerbated by incidents of car tyres being punctured. The situation has not only inconvenienced the lawyers but has also raised serious questions about the security and management of the court’s infrastructure.

Background of the Issue

The parking woes at the Kerala High Court are not a new phenomenon. Over the years, the number of practicing lawyers has increased significantly, leading to a proportional rise in the number of vehicles. However, the infrastructure has not kept pace with this growth. The existing parking facilities are grossly inadequate, forcing lawyers to park their vehicles in unauthorized or inconvenient areas. This problem has reached a tipping point with the recent spate of tyre puncturing incidents, highlighting the urgency of finding a viable solution.

Details of the Incident

In their letter, the KHCAA detailed multiple instances where lawyers found their car tyres punctured. These incidents have caused significant distress and disruption. Lawyers, already burdened with heavy caseloads and tight schedules, find themselves further stressed by the need to deal with unexpected vehicle repairs. The puncturing of tyres is not just a mere inconvenience; it is perceived as an act of vandalism, potentially indicative of deeper security lapses within the court premises.

Impact on the Legal Community

The impact of these incidents on the legal community cannot be overstated. Lawyers play a crucial role in the judicial process, and any hindrance to their daily functioning can have broader implications on the delivery of justice. The constant worry about the safety of their vehicles detracts from their focus on their professional responsibilities. Moreover, the financial burden of repeated vehicle repairs adds to their grievances. This situation, if left unaddressed, could lead to a decrease in morale and productivity among the lawyers.

Security Concerns

The tyre puncturing incidents have raised serious security concerns. The court premises, which should ideally be a secure environment, appear to be vulnerable to such acts of vandalism. The KHCAA has urged the Acting Chief Justice to take immediate steps to enhance security measures. This includes installing surveillance cameras, increasing the presence of security personnel, and implementing stricter access controls. Ensuring the safety of lawyers and their property is paramount to maintaining the integrity and smooth functioning of the judicial system.

Proposed Solutions by KHCAA

In their letter, the KHCAA has proposed several solutions to address the parking and security issues. Firstly, they have suggested the construction of a multi-level parking facility within the court premises. This would not only accommodate the current number of vehicles but also cater to future increases. Secondly, they have recommended the implementation of a digital parking management system. Such a system could help in the efficient allocation of parking spaces and reduce the chaos and frustration associated with finding a spot.

Additionally, the KHCAA has emphasized the need for better coordination between the court administration and local authorities to manage traffic and parking around the court area. They have also called for regular maintenance and patrolling of the parking areas to prevent further incidents of vandalism.

The Role of the Judiciary

The judiciary has a significant role to play in resolving this issue. As the custodian of the court premises, the judiciary must ensure that lawyers can perform their duties without unnecessary hindrance. The Acting Chief Justice’s response to the KHCAA’s letter will be crucial in determining the course of action. It is expected that the judiciary will take these concerns seriously and work towards implementing the suggested solutions in a timely manner.

Public and Media Reaction

The plight of the lawyers has garnered attention from both the public and the media. There is a growing sentiment that the issue of parking and security at the court premises reflects a broader problem of infrastructural inadequacies within public institutions. Media coverage has highlighted the inconvenience and frustration faced by the lawyers, drawing sympathy and support from various quarters. The public expects swift and effective action from the authorities to address these concerns.

Comparative Analysis with Other Courts

The situation at the Kerala High Court can be compared with other high courts in the country. Many courts face similar issues of inadequate parking facilities and security lapses. However, some courts have successfully implemented measures to mitigate these problems. For instance, the Delhi High Court has a well-organized parking system and stringent security measures, which could serve as a model for the Kerala High Court. Learning from the best practices of other courts can help in devising effective solutions for the Kerala High Court.

Long-term Implications

If the parking and security issues at the Kerala High Court are not resolved promptly, there could be long-term implications. The continuous inconvenience and financial burden on lawyers might lead to decreased participation and engagement in court activities. This could, in turn, affect the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the judicial process. Moreover, unresolved security concerns could lead to more serious incidents, endangering the safety of the legal community and undermining public confidence in the judiciary.


The letter from the KHCAA to the Acting Chief Justice of the Kerala High Court highlights a critical issue that needs immediate attention. The parking woes and security concerns faced by the lawyers are not just operational challenges but reflect deeper infrastructural and management issues. Addressing these concerns requires a coordinated effort from the judiciary, court administration, and local authorities. By implementing the proposed solutions and learning from best practices, the Kerala High Court can ensure a secure and efficient working environment for the lawyers, ultimately contributing to the effective delivery of justice.

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